Tess Patrick

Tess has brought together her background in journalism and communications and her passion for nutrition to add to the Food Matters team. Her time is spent dreaming up new articles, researching the latest in nutrition news, and engaging with you, our readers. When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll find her trying to catch a wave, catching up on her nutrition and naturopathy studies, or hanging out with her cat, Salem.

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Healthy Home

5 Ways To Stop Avocados Going Brown

Tess Patrick Oct 23, 2021

After some arduous digging and years of perfecting, I’ve discovered these 5 ways to stop avocados going brown. Some have their pitfalls, so to …

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Health Tips

Your Immunity Depends on These 5 Nutrients

Tess Patrick Oct 17, 2021

Immunity has been a hot topic of late, and that’s a really, really good thing. Here’s what you need to know about boosting your …

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Health Tips

How to Store Spices to Keep Them Fresher, Longer

Tess Patrick Oct 14, 2021

Any decent cook will tell you that spices are the secret to success. If you haven’t discovered how to store spices to keep them …

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5 Benefits of Drinking Mushroom Coffee

Tess Patrick Oct 07, 2021

It’s appeared across social media and in some of the coolest cafes in the world, but is it really worth the switch? Well, science …

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Natural Therapies

Low Energy & Dizziness? You’re Probably Low in This Mineral

Tess Patrick Oct 05, 2021

Research shows nearly 80% of the world’s population is low in iron. Low energy and dizziness are just two of the most common symptoms …

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Health Tips

Simple Ways to Eat More Veggies

Tess Patrick Sep 28, 2021

Whether it’s finding new ways to make them taste good or hiding their flavor altogether, there’s something to be said for a diet that’s …

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Simple Cooking Swaps To Boost Nutrients In Foods

Tess Patrick Sep 25, 2021

How old were you when you learned how to cook? Can you remember anyone actually teaching you? Or was it more things you picked …

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Health Tips

How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out, According To Nutritionists

Tess Patrick Sep 22, 2021

When asked what some of their biggest barriers to eating clean were, our community responded with an overwhelming, “dining out”. But the kicker is, …

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Why You Should Be Eating Cactus, Superfood of the Desert

Tess Patrick Sep 15, 2021

In honor of this incredible plant, we’re diving deeper. Here’s why you should be eating cactus, the superfood of the desert.

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Reduce Stress Naturally with this Simple Breath Technique

Tess Patrick Sep 06, 2021

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, even if we know all of the right things to do, and let our stress …

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