9 Easy-to-Make Breakfast Recipes


A good breakfast sets the tone for an even better day, no matter what time you have it. Too often we’re left eating our breakfast in the car or at our desk, if we’re eating it at all - and there’s something seriously wrong with that. Research into mindful eating is clear, we can improve our digestion and overall health simply by being present with our food, so if you’re pressed for time in the morning or don’t have the energy to cook up a Full English, these 9 Easy-to-Make Breakfast Recipes will be your saving grace.

1. Mushroom & Tomato Omelette

Traditionally egg-based, this veganized-version still offers the same melt-in-your-mouth texture and opportunity to stuff the dish with fresh vegetables. Omelets are a wonderful way to prepare breakfast (or lunch and dinner) for a couple of days, and with Ellie Bullen’s classic recipe you can even keep a batch of the ‘eggs’ in your fridge for a speedy cook. All you need to do is blend and flip!

2. 2-Ingredient Pancakes, 4 Ways

These soul-warming favorites don’t always need to be filled with wheat and sugar - there’s a quick and easy way to make sure they’re packed with nourishing ingredients. Whatever you choose to adorn these pancakes with, you’ll feel satisfied with every mouthful. Plus, they couldn’t be easier to throw together for a spontaneous Sunday brunch.

3. Mixed Berry Baked Oatmeal

This is the ultimate in meal-prep. If you dedicate an hour of your Sunday afternoon to making this delicious, nutritious breakfast that’s going to support your energy all week long, you can’t go wrong. Just heat a slice in the oven each morning and top with some coconut yogurt or whipped coconut cream.

4. Shakshuka (Our Favorite Baked Eggs Recipe)

While the origins of shakshuka are hotly debated, there is one thing we know - it’s mouthwateringly good. We always assume that breakfasts like this require a lot of time and complexity, but this recipe is surprisingly simple. And it’s incredibly easy to prepare a batch of the sauce for the week ahead and simply cook up an individual portion for breakfast each day! Trust me, if you’re not eating it, you’re missing out.

5. Overnight Oats, 3 Ways

Overnight oats are a staple in any wholefood kitchen. They’re so simple to prepare in the evening and get more delicious the longer you leave them for. The hardest decision to make is what different flavors you want to try. We’ve done the hard work and given you the recipe to a few of our must-trys.

6. Homemade Baked Beans with Gluten-Free Bread

Baked beans are one of the most sentimental breakfast memories you can have. Unfortunately, all of the additives and preservatives in the beans on supermarket shelves can have adverse effects on our bodies. This homemade recipe is healthier, more flavorsome, and easy enough for you to bring the kids into the kitchen for! Pair it with our gluten-free bread for a feel-good breakfast for the whole family.

7. Cauliflower Breakfast Muffins

If a grab-and-go breakfast is part of your daily routine, make sure it’s a nutritious offering. These breakfast muffins are easy to prepare and even easier to keep fresh in the fridge. While it’s always best to take a few minutes to sit and reflect on your food, these are a good choice to keep on hand for those chaotic days - and who’s to say you can’t enjoy them in peace!

8. Gluten-Free Turmeric Seeded Loaf

If you’re a toast-for-breakfast person (who I am to convince you otherwise), try spicing up your routine with a slice of homemade bread. The process doesn’t need to be complex, and this naturally gluten-free loaf is rich in nutrients to give you energy throughout the day.

9. Food Matters’ Favorite Smoothies

This would hardly be a breakfast roundup if we didn’t include our best smoothie recipes. It’s nearly impossible to choose just one, but we’ve been sneaky and given you a whole list to try out! If you have the ingredients they’re ready in moments, and an incredible way to get some light nutrients in your day.

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