How Changing Your Beliefs Can Change Your Life with Shelly Lefkoe

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If you understood that every moment and interaction was setting your child up with lifelong beliefs in this world, what would you do differently?

It’s a really daunting thought to consider, but understanding this gives you the greatest insight into why you are the way you are. Childhood is when your understanding of the world around you begins to form; your coping mechanisms and your hidden traumas… Unpacking all of this can help you address the root cause of your struggles.

In this extended interview from Season 2 of Transcendence, which is available to stream on and on, renowned expert Shelly Lefkoe imparts her wisdom on how limiting beliefs are formed and how you can begin to dismantle them. Through her experiences of working with people in incarceration and anecdotes of her own motherhood, Shelly shares her take on how you can raise children to be their best authentic selves and why transforming the way we collectively parent will change the world.

In this week's episode with Shelly Lefkoe you’ll discover:

  • How thoughts and experiences become your beliefs.
  • Ways that your childhood experiences shape your experience of the world.
  • Why and how you give some things meaning, but not others.
  • How beliefs can rule our lives and why you instinctively keep yourself safe.
  • How you can remove a pattern by addressing a belief.
  • Ways you can remove your emotion from a difficult situation.
  • Plus much, much more.

What is getting in your way? In this incredible podcast, Shelly Lefkoe, author, parenting expert, and co-founder of The Lefkoe Institute takes us on a journey of exploring our limiting beliefs and how we can remove meaning in the moment. By removing emotion and meaning from a negative experience, we foster our ability to conquer the beliefs that limit us.

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  • Discover how to break free from limiting beliefs with Vishen Lakhiani (video)

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