9 Soulicious Soup Recipes

by Rachel Morrow Dec 03, 2018 4.1K Views

For many of our community, the weather is cool, the immune system might be fighting, and the body is calling for a big warm hug. Queue some of our favorite soups recipes, that will help boost your immune system, warm the soul, having you glowing from the inside out and taste so delicious, you’ll be eating them all soup season!


Asian Inspired Zoodle Soup

by Rachel Morrow Jan 17, 2017 5.3K Views

Packed with vegetables and those Asian flavors we all love! We've ditched the noodles and added zoodles to our soup because you can't really get enough veggies, can you?!


Creamy Ayurvedic Butternut Soup

by Rachel Morrow Nov 09, 2016 9.3K Views

A smooth, warming soup for those chilly winter days.


Tomato And Carrot Soup

Jul 02, 2016 4.5K Views

Do you love a simple veggie soup recipe? This delicious tomato and carrot soup is so easy to prepare and it bursting with flavor!


Passata and Rice Soup

by Kate Berry Aug 25, 2019 2.9K Views

Every summer our little family smashes tomatoes to make a giant stash of passata to get us through the gloomy months of winter. Usually, the passata gets lost in a ratatouille or hidden under pizza toppings, but in this soup, the passata is the superstar! It’s so simple too, and you’re sure to have most of the ingredients lying around in the crisper drawer getting soft.


Lemongrass & Ginger Chicken Soup

by Rachel Morrow Jan 26, 2017 13K Views

A nourishing and healing soup packed with immune boosting ingredients! A simple flu-fighting broth that you can make in less than 30 minutes.


Leek & Potato (Prebiotics) Soup

by Amy Savage Nov 04, 2017 9.7K Views

Leek & Potato soup is always a firm favorite, but did you know that some of its key ingredients are imperative to good gut health? Jam packed with prebiotic foods, this recipe is simple to make, tastes great and will send some loving to your gut health.


Carrot, Orange & Ginger Soup (Recipe)

by McKel Hill Dec 31, 2014 6.3K Views

This recipe is loaded with heaps of vitamin A especially from the carrots, vitamin C from the oranges, and warming ginger which provides digestive aid amongst other health benefits!


Raw Creamed Fennel Soup (Recipe)

by Laurentine ten Bosch Aug 02, 2015 1.6K Views

The vibrant color of this raw creamed fennel soup is a true delight on a hot Summer day!


Mexican Soup With Nacho Dippers

by Rachel Morrow Aug 08, 2018 5.9K Views

Mexican spice hearty tomato soup, with crispy nacho dippers. Top with avocado and a squeeze of zesty lemon to give your mouth the fiesta it deserves!

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