Berries In Apple Cider Vinegar With Cashew Nut Cream

Jun 05, 2014 1.1K Views

Edible beauty is key to vibrant health! This recipe uses simple and understand ingredients, but they are the perfect combination, offering an abundance of nourishing beauty benefits. A breakfast bowl of deliciousness, also disguised as a dessert!


Liana's Cashew Cheesecake

by Liana Werner-Gray Dec 24, 2017 6.7K Views

A glorious dessert for your Christmas celebration - or any time of the year.


Cashew Milk Lattes

by Andrea Bemis Jun 15, 2015 25K Views

Have you tried homemade cashew milk? If not, you must! It's so simple to make and turns into the most creamy treat! Try in it a latte like this.


Cashew Chai Milk

by Rachel Morrow Oct 27, 2015 752 Views

Our dear friend Kris Carr has a Crazy Sexy Juice cookbook out now! It's packed with juices, smoothies, and cleansing advice. If you love cashews and chai, then you'll love this exclusive feature recipe from the book.


Cashew Hemp Basil Pesto

by Rachel Morrow Apr 14, 2022 3.2K Views

Some things in life are worth holding on to, and that includes a good pesto recipe. Our version of basil pesto doesn’t require any complicated ingredients, just wholefoods pantry staples and a whole lot of love.


Cashew, Cardamom & Vanilla Milk

by Masha & Micheal Sep 13, 2015 910 Views

Nut milks have become a thing! Big companies are taking advantage and have started making nut milks that are full of additives, and sometimes containing only 2% nuts. Skip the nonsense and make your own at home!


Homemade Spiced Cashew Milk

by Rachel Morrow Apr 19, 2016 1.9K Views

Making your own nut milk will save you money, tastes so much better and doesn't include the extra additives and sweeteners like store-bought versions!


Fermented Anti-Inflammatory Cashew Cheese

by Rachel Morrow Sep 13, 2021 2.1K Views

When plant-based foodies are asked the thing they miss the most, you’ll find the answer is almost always cheese. But the real challenge is finding the perfect plant-based replacement - or at least it was until now.


Cashew Flour Fig Pinwheel Cookies

by Sara Korzeniewski Oct 23, 2015 2.4K Views

The star of this cookie of course are the figs. Figs are a good source of potassium which is a mineral that helps to control blood pressure.


Cauliflower, Cashew and Coconut Curry

Nov 04, 2020 3.3K Views

This was one of the first true vegan recipes I found following my transition from vegetarian to vegan, and over time I’ve perfected it. It can be cooked in advance and frozen, which makes it perfect for our busy household.

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