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Lee Holmes is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), Hatha Yoga Teacher and Whole Foods Chef. She is also the author of three best-selling books Supercharged Food, Eat Yourself Beautiful, Supercharged Food for Kids & her latest Eat Clean, Green And Vegetarian. Lee's website www.superchargedfood.com encourages S.O.L.E food; sustainable, organic, local and ethical. It features delicious anti-inflammatory recipes, information, news, reviews and menu planning ideas to make it easy for people to enjoy a satisfying, wholesome and nourishing diet. She created a petition to improve food in hospitals in Australia and as a result a healthier menu has been introduced by the Minister for Health. In addition to passionately creating change at government and policy level, in 2013 Lee won the title of Health Influencer Blog of the Year.

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Health Tips

Cheaper Alternatives To Superfoods

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Sep 13, 2018

Want to eat healthy but not ready to drop a fortune on trendy superfoods? Lee Holmes shares her tips for eating healthy at an …

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Health Tips

10 Common Foods That Make You Bloat

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Sep 03, 2018

If your pants fit you in the morning, but not in the afternoon, try eliminating these common bloat triggers.

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Health Tips

How To Eat Yourself Beautiful: Tips From The Expert

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Jul 15, 2018

Join Lee Holmes, author of the 'Supercharged Food' series & health coach as she shares her key to ageless beauty and how to eat …

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Active Living

Why I Love FMTV (Food MattersTV)

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Mar 05, 2018

After being diagnosed with a non specific auto-immune disease and fibromyalgia a few years ago, I was accustomed to being in pain, feeling lethargic …

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Healthy Home

6 Ways to Sneak Superfoods Into Your Child's Meal

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Mar 06, 2016

Learn some delicious ways to hide vegetables in food!

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Health Tips

Anti-Inflammatory Toddy (Gut-Healing Recipe)

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Sep 15, 2015

Inflammation lies at the root of many chronic illnesses, and a majority of them start within the gut as an autoimmune reaction that develops …

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Health Hazards

What Is Histamine Intolerance?

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Aug 28, 2015

Histamines are neurotransmitters that are produced during any allergic response holding a very significant role in our bodies. It's a natural reaction we need …

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Health Tips

Six Ingredients To Lower Inflammation

Lee Holmes Lee Holmes Jun 30, 2015

Healing your gut and eat foods to lower inflammation are two of the best things you could do for you health. Lee Holmes breaks …

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