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James Colquhoun is the filmmaker behind Food Matters, Hungry For Change, and Transcendence Seasons 1 & 2 and founder of Food Matters and FMTV. Along with Laurentine ten Bosch, James founded the Food Matters community following the release of the 2008 documentary, giving people the tools (films, books, articles, and guided programs) to take charge of their own health. From here, FMTV was born! It was designed as a place where you can access vital information by watching all of your favorite inspiring documentaries, expert interviews, & recipe videos in one place, and in early 2020 FMTV found it's new home on Gaia.

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Happy Holidays, From Our Family to Yours

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Dec 23, 2020

At this time of year Laurentine and I, as well as the Food Matters team, wanted to say thank you for being a part …

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Food Matters Healthy Holiday Shopping Guide

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Dec 09, 2020

The holidays represent a special time for gifts and family gatherings. And at Food Matters, we believe that you are what you eat (and …

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Health Tips

Common Signs Your Digestive System Isn’t Working Properly

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Dec 02, 2020

We all know the foods we like and dislike, and some of us are even in tune enough to know the foods that do …

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Rediscovering Ancestral Nutrition for Ultimate Health

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Nov 22, 2020

Many of us are armed with the knowledge of holistic health and nutrition, but we’re unsure where to go from there. But the next …

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Natural Therapies

How Your Hormones Affect Your Whole Body (& What To Do About It)

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Nov 20, 2020

We’ve been conditioned to think that hormones are this awkward byproduct of puberty, that causes voices to break and acne to crop up at …

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Healthy Home

7 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Nov 19, 2020

Thanksgiving is approaching, which means good food and happy times. Don't want to over-indulge though? Here's how to keep it healthy in seven simple …

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3 of the Best Gluten-Free Flours to Use

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Sep 30, 2020

It’s estimated that 1% of the global population has celiac disease, with another 7% having some form of gluten sensitivity. And this number is …

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The Best Natural Sweeteners to Use

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Sep 22, 2020

Life certainly is a little sweeter with sugar. However, the levels of sugar that our society is currently consuming is a direct reflection of …

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How to Choose the Best Fish for Your Health

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Sep 16, 2020

If meat is in your diet, one of the best things you can have on your plate is a serving of healthy fish. But …

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Health Tips

What's the Healthiest Way to Cook Eggs?

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Sep 14, 2020

Eggs. Firstly, not all eggs are created equal. And secondly, not all cooking methods pack the same nutritional punch. Find out the healthiest way …

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