Cucumber and Melon Salad


This fresh, sweet and succulent salad is a summer favorite.


  • 1 rockmelon (cantaloupe)
  • 1 cucumber
  • 15–20 mint leaves
  • juice of 1 orange


Chop the rockmelon (cantaloupe) flesh and put it in a mixing bowl.

Chop the cucumber and mint leaves, and combine with the melon. Add the orange juice 
and mix well.

Place the cucumber and melon salad in a serving dish – then it’s ready to enjoy!

TIPS: Add a few chopped nuts or crumbled feta cheese to the salad, if you like. Fresh blueberries also taste wonderful with it. 

To create interesting serving dishes, you can use the melon shells. When preparing the salad, cut the rockmelon in half and carefully cut out the flesh so that the melon shells become two bowls. Place the melon shells on your serving dishes and spoon the salad inside.

Recipes and Images from The Scandinavian Belly Fat Program by Berit Nordstrand (Murdoch Books).

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