Tess Patrick

Tess has brought together her background in journalism and communications and her passion for nutrition to add to the Food Matters team. Her time is spent dreaming up new articles, researching the latest in nutrition news, and engaging with you, our readers. When she’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you’ll find her trying to catch a wave, catching up on her nutrition and naturopathy studies, or hanging out with her cat, Salem.

My Articles

Why Mindful Eating Could Be the Key to Good Digestion

Tess Patrick Aug 13, 2021

Do you suffer from indigestion, bloating, stomach cramps, or other digestive discomforts you know to be associated with food? This one’s for you.

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Health Tips

From Mason Jars to Fridge Hacks: 11 Ways We Store Our Food

Tess Patrick Aug 08, 2021

Any foodie will tell you that the key to a kitchen is a handful of simple routines, or ‘hacks’. How you store your food …

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Gluten Sensitivity vs. Celiac Disease with Dr. Mark Hyman

Tess Patrick Aug 06, 2021

Ever wondered why some people can digest wheat and others can’t? Or what sets apart a celiac from someone who struggles with bloating and …

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Chlorophyll: Is This the Next Must Have for Vibrant Skin?

Tess Patrick Aug 01, 2021

When chlorophyll emerged on social media as the silent beauty hero of 2021, as a skincare freak and healthy foodie, I was instantly obsessed. …

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Natural Therapies

How Your Body Develops Allergies & What to Do About It

Tess Patrick Jul 30, 2021

It's very rare that we go through life without any allergies or stressors from the outside world. But between dogs, gluten, or even cheese, …

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What Is Ashwagandha & How Do You Use It?

Tess Patrick Jul 27, 2021

It seems almost impossible to escape ashwagandha in present day. All of the holistic cafes in LA are serving it as a staple on …

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Our Favorite Natural Energy Drink

Tess Patrick Jul 23, 2021

There are many ways we can boost our energy throughout the day. Opting for sugar-laden, chemical and caffeine-filled drinks will only give a short, …

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Health Tips

The One Step For a Better Night’s Sleep

Tess Patrick Jul 18, 2021

David Perlmutter M.D., one of the leading researchers in brain health (and NYT bestselling author), has recently released a new book that explores some …

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Health Hazards

Why Blue Fruit Loops Are Banned in Australia & England, but Not America

Tess Patrick Jul 12, 2021

Did you know that there are such things as blue fruit loops? If you live in America of course you do. But I didn’t …

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50 Ways to Shop Healthy On a Budget

Tess Patrick Jul 08, 2021

We all want to be able to eat healthy foods, most of the time, right? That’s why we’re a part of this vibrant and …

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