Coconut Choc Mint Ice Cream


We’ve made this ice-cream even healthier by sneaking in some greens! Greens are packed full of nutrients, minerals, trace minerals, and antioxidants. It's easily utilised and absorbed by the body, enhances the immune system, helps with overall energy and is a great addition to this ice-cream especially if you have trouble getting enough greens into your diet.



  1. Heat the milk and mint leaves together in a small- medium sized saucepan. Stir the mixture until it’s very hot until you start to see very small bubbles then remove from the heat and allow the mint leaves to steep in the milk for 30-40 minutes.
  2. Add the avocado, vanilla essence, salt, supreme green blend and honey to a blender, food processor or thermomixer.
  3. Pour the milk and mint leaf mixture through a strainer and add the liquid to the other ingredients in the blender, food processor or thermomixer. Blitz until well combined, smooth and creamy.
  4. Refrigerate for 3 hours or just leave it overnight.
  5. Add the mixture to your ice-cream maker and follow the directions according to your machine.
  6. Once the ice cream has reached your desired consistency, add the chopped cacao wafers and let the machine stir them through.
  7. Serve immediately or scoop into a container and store in the freezer.