Healthy Superbowl Sunday Snack Recipes


The Super Bowl is on this Sunday and we're gearing up for the match with a range of healthy snacks that are set to score big with your guests!

Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Fries With Superfood Guacamole

The ultimate indulging Superbowl Snack, healthified! We are telling you the truth when we tell you we haven't compromised on flavor. Packed with nutrients, flavor and sure to fill you up! Get the recipe here.

Crunchy Oven-Baked Onion Bloom Outback Dipping Sauce

The beloved deep-fried onion bloom is a classic bar appetizer. If you've every enjoyed the "blooming onion" then you will love this healthier alternative! A great one to impress those guests. Get the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Skins With Zesty Salsa

Who has been a lover of those tasty potato skin appetizers? Did you know that potato skins are often deep fried to be crispy? Why would you, when you can achieve the same delicious crispiness from baking them in the oven. The beauty of this recipe is you can top with any of your favorite healthy ingredients. We've topped ours with a zesty and refreshing salsa! Get the recipe here!

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