Simple Clean Snacks! 3 Ways to Make Stuffed Dates


Sometimes the simplest snacks are the most satisfying. There is nothing complicated about one of our favorite snacks; stuffed dates.

Stuffed dates make a super healthy, raw treat that are quick to whip up and give you the ultimate afternoon pick-me-up!

They’re bite-sized and basic in the best way — making them only requires a couple of ingredients you might already have on hand. Best of all, they’re all-natural, packed with essential nutrients, and without a stitch of refined-sugar in sight.

Below, we’re sharing three easy ideas that will help you make stuffed dates at home right away!


Just one mouthful and you'll get a gooey caramel flavor from the Medjool dates, sweet coconut and creamy tahini. This combination is the perfect energy hit with a nice dose of healthy satisfying fats.


The texture of raw cashew cream, crunchy hemp seeds, a bit of pepper and the dates themselves is to die for and worthy of any holiday party spread — or just a dreamy afternoon snack.


Nut butter is the quickest and simplest way to stuff a date. Slice a dried date in half and remove the pit. Fill with a teaspoon of your favorite nut butter and top with a small bit of dark chocolate.

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