12 Simple & Easy Recipes for Anyone in Self-Isolation


Coronavirus-related self-isolation and working from home is a true prospect for many of us around the world right now. Which is why we have hand-curated a free series: Content to Thrive.

Make the most of what’s in your cupboard and treat your tastebuds to something new. Our nightly recipes are packed with easy-to-find, nutritious and delicious ingredients that you can easily adapt for any eating style. Make the most of this time in your kitchen and nourish your body with the foods it desperately craves.

These recipes are as easy as they are tasty, and we hope they give you the opportunity to tune out from the loudness of the world and focus on the goodness on your plate. After all, food really does matter…

Easiest Ever Thai Peanut Noodles

Needing a little comfort amid the chaos? Our Easiest Ever Thai Peanut Noodles make the most of all the ingredients already in the pantry and nourish your soul from the inside out.

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Food routine bringing you down? Shake up your smoothie routine with our deliciously nutritious chocolate raspberry bowl! Full of all of the good stuff, none of the bad.

Cauliflower Pizza Steaks

Hard to get your hands on pizza bases? Not enough energy to make a cauliflower crust? Devour these simple, easy, and oh-so-tasty cauliflower pizza steaks.

2 Minute Noodles

Reinvent your easy meals with our nutritious take on 2 Minute Noodles. Making the most of your fresh veggies, Chef Cynthia's go-to is perfectly soul-warming at this exhausting time.

Cookie Dough Bon Bons

Treat your taste-buds and soothe your soul with our favorite Cookie Dough Bon Bons. These chickpea-based treats are as nutritious as they are delicious, and can be made in minutes!

Quick Snacks: Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Is all this time at home spent snacking? What if there was something moreish you could nibble on all day, that was actually nourishing your body? Our toasted pumpkin seeds make the tastiest, and crunchiest little snack!

Tempeh Roll-Ups

Vegan food is delicious, nutritious, and best when you can use all the fresh veggies around. These tempeh rolls are feel-good-food that are easy to pull together on those harder to manage days.

Clean & Green Smoothie Recipe

Cleansing your body from the stresses of life? This nourishing and detoxifying Clean & Green Smoothie is the perfect companion for your journey.

Broccoli, Pea & Spinach Soup

Warm your mind and wrap your soul in a bear-hug with our family favorite Broccoli, Pea & Spinach Soup. Best served with crunchy, fresh bread and lots of love.

Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce

Life's a little sweeter with pudding. Embrace all the nourishing, whole ingredients in our take on a Sticky Date Pudding with a mouthwatering Caramel Sauce.

Skin Beauty Salad

Stress is no good for our skin, so make sure to top it up with all of the good stuff. Our favorite Skin Beauty Salad is made up of lovely, nourishing foods that heal from the inside out.

Cultured Carrots with Ginger

Take your newfound gardening skills back to the kitchen, with these super simple and flavor-packed Cultured Carrots with Ginger and Juniper Berries. The wow-factor is worth the wait, and it's a wonderful skill to learn along the way.

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