Quick Breakfast Ideas We Love


We are always on the lookout for quick, easy & healthy breakfast options. Why? Because just like every human, we find ourselves short on time in the morning.

Get out of your breakfast rut with these simple, healthy breakfast ideas to energize your morning.

Simple Mango Chia Pudding

Don't have time to prep in the morning? Prep before bed! You will feel so much better for it, especially when it's a chia seed pudding with delicious mango and lime!

Energy Boosting Smoothies

Because smoothies are always the quick and easy option, it doesn't mean they have to be boring! If you want to save some time, skip the fancy toppings and getting the perfect Instagram picture ;-)

2 Ingredient Pancakes

You read that right.  This one is just 2 ingredients and a little heat. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Coconut & Spirulina Breakfast Bowl

This incredible breakfast bowl is extremely nutrient dense and so delicious it could be a dessert. It's packed with protein, chlorophyll and enzymes to boost your digestion, plus it ticks the 'quick and easy' breakfast box!

Papaya Breakfast Bowl

Scoop the seeds and pack your natural bowl with berries, nuts, granola, coconut or whatever you have. Bonus! You can eat your bowl and skip the dishes!

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