3 Breakfast Recipes You Can Make The Night Before


Being pressed for time can make it difficult to be prepared and sit down to enjoy a nourishing breakfast, resulting in us skipping breakfast too many times or grabbing something less-than-nutritious on the way to work. You're not the only one. It happens to all of us.

Enjoying a nutritious breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, energizes your morning and fuels your body with a healthy dose of nutrients.
Our tips? Make the night before! We've put together some our go-to breakfast recipes that can be whipped up on Sunday or during the week, last in the fridge and can be grabbed to eat on the go!

1. For The Savory: Breakfast Muffins

2. For The Sweet-Tooth: Blueberry Baked Oats

3. For The Smoothie Lover: Freeze Your Smoothie Portions Ready To Blend

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