3 Ways to Use Our Favorite Pesto Recipe


All of our lockdown gardening is beginning to produce an abundance of herbs, and we’re running out of delicious recipes to use them in! But there’s one herby treat that we never shy away from…

It can be tough to find this perfect pesto recipe, but this one hits all the right spots. It’s easy to whip together at a moment’s noticed and is packed with a whole lot of mineral goodness with the addition of pepitas. Plus, the natural preservative goodness of lemon means the pesto keeps perfect in the fridge, so you can make up a big batch of it all at once and use it in some of our favorite Food Matters recipes!

These recipes call for their own, home-made pesto - a great way to explore the flavors and techniques. But sometimes you’re short on time or don’t have all the right ingredients, so that’s where our trusted, versatile, Super Green Pesto Recipe comes in handy.

Sweet Potato Pesto Pizza

We all love a slice of paleo pizza, and any excuse to get some extra veggies in is a win in our books. Use fresh, seasonal produce as your pizza toppings and try your best not to eat it in one go!

Spaghetti Squash Pasta with Pesto

This versatile veggie is one of the most fun ways you can make Italian healthier. With a simple seasoning, you can pop it in the oven whole, and toss the natural noodles with a dash of your pesto!

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Pesto & Pine Nuts

The soft, pillowy goodness of homemade gnocchi is one we can never go past. We love it with the kale pesto, but sometimes it can all get too much if you’re making everything from scratch! Use the pepita pesto with this take on an Italian classic for an extra protein hit.