Thanksgiving Menu Planning: Healthy Mains & Salads


It seems like Thanksgiving was only a few days ago, but the time to share our gratitude has come around again quickly. At Food Matters, one of the ways we love to show our gratitude for life is with delicious, nourishing meals - even on the holidays. Think about your holidays past; Thanksgiving meals are wonderful, but so often we’re left bloated, exhausted, and a little uncomfortable with how much we’ve really eaten.

It’s not to say you can’t indulge throughout the time, but sometimes a meal that answers your body’s deeper desires doesn’t go astray. This season, I’m helping you out with some good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving Menu Planning, and what a better way to kick it off than with our go-to healthy mains and salads.

1. Brussels Sprouts, Cranberry & Walnut Salad

Brussels sprouts have officially made their comeback, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! This salad will wash away all those scarring memories of Mom and Dad over-boiling these little cruciferous veggies! We’ve left everything here raw and uber crunchy to make them the star of the table!

2. Ultimate Fall Salad

Imagine the best of the season’s produce tossed altogether in a giant bowl with the addition of maple pecans and dressed in a beautiful apple cider vinaigrette. This all-star salad proves that salads just aren't for summer and makes the perfect dish for your nourishing Thanksgiving feast!

3. Wild Rice Quinoa & Mixed Mushroom Salad

Who said salads aren't filling? This earthy salad featuring a warm mix of mushrooms, wild rice, and quinoa packs a punch so hearty that you’ll forget to leave room for dessert!

4. Quinoa, Cranberry & Feta Stuffed Pumpkins

At Food Matters we appreciate a holiday with a few more veggies on the table, so these stuffed pumpkins are a perfect seasonal fit. You can enjoy smaller pumpkins for an appetizer size, but we like to make this the main dish!

No matter who’s joining you these holidays, there will be something for everyone on the table.

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