3 Gluten-Free Fritter Recipes We're Making on Repeat!


Fritters make a great meal any time of day! Make a big batch, freeze them, and reheat when needed for a quick and easy meal solution!

1. Zucchini Fritters

These babies are packed with zucchini and carrot! Zucchini and carrot both have a high water content. When paired with protein and fat from the eggs, these fritters make a filling, nourishing meal without that unwanted heavy feeling.

2. Corn Fritters With Kale, Apple & Coconut Slaw

Corn fritters are dime-a-dozen. For a good reason! To stay a little different from the rest, because we like to mix things up, we've added some extra veg along with lemongrass and fresh chili for a Thai-inspired taste bud tantalizer!

3. Mexican Corn Fritters With Tomato & Avocado Salsa

Fritters are a fabulous way to incorporate more veggies in the diet, particularly with fussy eaters. The delicious tomato and avocado salsa can be served with nearly everything!