5 Delicious Recipes Kids Can Make


How do you inspire your kids in the kitchen?

It’s something that we’ve always been passionate about at Food Matters, especially with school holidays currently happening in Australia. Encouraging kids to make their own nutritious foods from an early age is a lifelong skill, but often healthy recipes call for dangerous equipment like food processors and sharp knives. To take the pressure off little hands, here are 5 recipes kids can make, that are packed with nutrients and are quick and delicious.

1. Chocolate Covered Banana Popsicles

When a warm day comes around and all the kids are craving is ice cream (let’s be honest, we are too), these healthy treats are perfect to have on hand. What’s even better is they’re incredibly easy to make and they love doing it!

2. Kids Mini Lunchbox Pizzas

These lunchbox pizzas will be your saving grace; they’re great for school and they’re fun for the whole family to make. Let kids pick their favorite veggie-packed toppings and they’ll be asking to make them again.

3. Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Storebought cookies are filled with all kinds of nasty ingredients, but making your own doesn’t have to be a challenge either. Kids love helping with these easy cookies, which the best part of course being dunking in the ‘chocolate’ at the end.

4. Tempeh Roll-Ups

Making this plant-based recipe with the kids is a great way to introduce a variety of new flavors and expand their horizons when it comes to which vegetables they are willing to try. You can also freestyle and include whatever you have on hand; shredded carrot, cucumber sticks, or seeds.

5. Healthy 2 Minute Noodles

This take on packet ramen will need a little help from the adults, especially with boiling water, but packed with yummy nourishing foods, they’ll never crave the bad stuff again. We also love this recipe for busy nights and food on the go.