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James Colquhoun is the filmmaker behind Food Matters, Hungry For Change, and Transcendence Seasons 1 & 2 and founder of Food Matters and FMTV. Along with Laurentine ten Bosch, James founded the Food Matters community following the release of the 2008 documentary, giving people the tools (films, books, articles, and guided programs) to take charge of their own health. From here, FMTV was born! It was designed as a place where you can access vital information by watching all of your favorite inspiring documentaries, expert interviews, & recipe videos in one place, and in early 2020 FMTV found it's new home on Gaia.

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Health Tips

Trying to Lose Weight? Try This Visualization For 10 Days

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Aug 01, 2021

Discover the technique of using visualization for weight loss in this short guided visualization with Jon Gabriel from The Gabriel Method.

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How Jon Gabriel Used The Power Of Visualization To Lose Over 220 Pounds

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jul 29, 2021

What if the secret to losing excess weight wasn’t in some extremity like fasting, dieting, excessive exercise, or restriction? What if all you had …

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Black Pepper

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jul 28, 2021

Cracked black pepper is a staple on almost any table, and for good reason. It enhances the flavor of most dishes, it’s incredibly versatile …

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Health Tips

3 Best Foods for Brain Health

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jul 20, 2021

Just as some foods can be detrimental for brain health, some too can be the best thing for ultimate cognitive longevity. Here are 3 …

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Can You Prevent Alzheimer’s with Healthy Foods?

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jul 14, 2021

Currently, nearly 5.8 million people have Alzheimer's disease in the U.S., and shockingly two-thirds of these are women. This disease doesn’t discriminate and can …

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Novak Djokovic Credits Diet For His Success

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jul 12, 2021

One of the familiar faces in TRANSCENDENCE is 20-time Grand Slam tennis champion, Novak Djokovic. In Episode 1, titled 'What’s In Our Food?', Novak …

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Health Tips

10 Health Benefits of Celery Juice

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jul 05, 2021

You may have seen the bright green drinks across your social media, with people like Anthony Williams and celebrities singing it's praise. But why …

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Natural Therapies

8 Detox Rituals That Will Change Your Life

James Colquhoun James Colquhoun Jun 23, 2021

As the seasons shift and our body’s needs change, there’s never been a better time to gently adopt some practices that support our body’s …

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