4th Of July Picnic Essentials


Celebrate Independence Day by packing up your favorite treats to create the ultimate 4th of July picnic!

It doesn't need to be hard to create a tasty and healthy meal, so use this as a guide and get the kids in the kitchen, too.

Whether you are in your home, backyard or outdoors, let's celebrate our right to make healthy food choices about the meals we create and the ingredients we use, in the true spirit of American liberty!

All of the essentials for a 4th of July picnic spread...


The ingredients for the ultimate snacks: something to dip and something crunchy. Most snacks that come to mind are packed with additives and hidden nasties. Chances are, the kids are already going to be on a high celebrating Independence Day, so let's keep the additives out of it. Create your own crunch with these yummy Roasted Chickpeas , and make the ultimate dipping experience with our Sweet Chili & Cashew Dip !


Ditch the nasty soda and create your own from scratch. Flavored and colored by Mother Nature herself, the kids won't realize that they are drinking something healthy with our Berry Lemonade, and Orange, Ginger & Turmeric Spritzer . The adults will love these too!


Let's face it - if you are packing up to head on a picnic, the meals need to be relatively simple and easy to transport! Queue some of our favorite go-to salads. Make as much as you like. They’re easy to pack and full of flavor to please everyone's taste buds!


Because a picnic wouldn't be complete without a sweet treat to end with. This no-bake patriotic tart is so easy to whip up that the kids could do it!

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