Food Matters One Pan Dinners


It’s undeniable. The worst part of any dinner is always the clean-up. Most meals end up with pots and pans and obscure spatulas everywhere and, sure, they taste delicious, but are they really worth the hassle? We’re of the firm belief that easy meals shouldn’t come at the expense of taste (or health for that matter). That’s why we created the Food Matters One Pan Dinners, so you can enjoy yummy, nourishing foods, without the clean-up.

One Tray Salmon Bake with Sesame Brussels Sprouts

1. One Tray Salmon Bake with Sesame Brussels Sprouts

If ethically sourced, good-quality animal products are in your diet, then this simple salmon dish is one you can't go past for weeknight dinners or last-minute guests. It comes together in moments and tastes just as delightful the next day for lunch.

Throw Together Chicken Cacciatore

2. Throw Together Chicken Cacciatore

Here we've taken the classic Chicken Cacciatore dish and thrown it together in one dish to bake and make dinner a breeze so you can enjoy more time winding down in the evenings!

Asian Salmon & Baked Sweet Potato

3. Asian Salmon & Baked Sweet Potato

Healthy eating can be simple This recipe for salmon, sweet potato, and broccolini is the perfect example. The secret is in the sauce but the best part is, of course, only one dirty dish!

Baked Eggplant Bruschetta

4. Baked Eggplant Bruschetta

Easy vegetarian dinners don't have to be boring either. This throw-together one-pan wonder is perfect for those mid-week dinners when you need something quick and easy.

One-Pan Wonder: Coconut Fish Curry

5. Coconut Fish Curry

Can’t get curry as good as your local takeout? I hear you. That’s why the solution is to really keep it simple - like with this one pan coconut fish curry.

One Pot Dinner: Vegan Fried 'Rice'

6. One Pot Vegan Fried Rice

Okay, it’s not a pan. But we figured you’ve probably got a pot too. This veggie-loaded fried rice uses one of our favorite healthy swaps, and the one pot wonder leaves us more time to relax after dinner!

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